Stay… or go?

I have been thinking…

I have been in my new job for almost a year and what have I achieved? A lot professionally, I have had a lot of personal growth and I have had a bit of fun. But, is this me? I have a strong urge to travel, buy a one way ticket out and see where the world takes me. I feel like there is so much potential for growth out there that is different to what I am currently getting and it could be better?

This is where i need you… What do you think? Should I keep at the grind and keep working, growing, maybe buy a house and settle down… OR should I go have fun, live life – and take you with me?

I guess, every blog i write answers my own questions, but comment and let me know what you think.

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Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself.





Today, today marks the day when my grandfather, my biggest role model, died 6 years ago. 

RIP Nandy, I know you are somewhere watching over me. 

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous, Be Yourself. 

Live, don’t act…

Do you sometimes wonder what people think? Do you sometimes think about how you portray yourself or how you act? LOOK AROUND! Be yourself, there is literally no one like you. Authentic, you are authentic and you are you. I am me, you are you.

I sometimes think about what people think, but then I wonder if they care what I think, then I come to the conclusion that I don’t care what they think about me because every day I wake up as Blair, I live my life as Blair and I go to sleep as Blair. You do the same, be yourself. I know that when I was coming out, I was inspired by different blogs and vlogs, they all told me to be myself, to be authentic and to not worry because everything will be all right. Truth be held, it was the hardest time in my life, but because I didn’t let the opinions of others alter the way I live my world, I’m still here today. I was strong. I am strong.

Now, don’t think you can get half way through this post thinking you are off the hook! Time to talk about you. You are obviously reading this and relating it to something going on in your life, maybe you stumbled over this post on your search for a food blog, or maybe you are one of my loyal followers. Whatever the case, I want you to know that I support you. I am here for you, so long as you wake up as yourself and you live your life as yourself, then I support you. You are the master of your world, not your parents, not your kids, not your uncle, not even your adopted brother in-law thats been twice removed. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR WORLD, so live it, don’t act it.


I really hate to ask this but: Please, share, comment and like. Let the word get around that it is ok to be yourself, that everyone is the master of their own world. Live, dont act.

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous, Be Yourself. 


Feeling optimistic

Optimistic, I find it’s the way to live life. Today, I feel happy, tomorrow will be a good day! There is a time to be optimistic and a time to not be, and right now the positivity is what I need. How do you get positivity in your life?

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Hi all, I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while. Long story, or short story? Short, good… I was hoping you would say that.

Basically, I was living life…. But now I’m lost, so now I’m back here to try and figure that out. I told my parents I was gay, that didn’t go down well, in fact, I will do an entire blog on that if you like! I also dated a few people, although they were all amazing people, I’m still sitting here alone, I’m waiting for the right one… I got an amazing job, I love my job so much! I have done some travel, I can make a travel blog if you like! I also got a Bachelors degree. Made new friends along the way, but also lost some key friendships.

Not sure what my next move is in life, I’m in a bit of stagnant water at the moment, I’m in an amazing position but also a very still position… I like to keep moving forward

Where to start, well… I’m asking you, where would you start if you were sitting in my shoes, single, not much family support, an urge to travel but also wanting to develop my professional self in the dream job I already have? What would you do?

#Bloggingblairslifeisback #gay #comingout

This time, I’m back blogging for good. Im here to stay!

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Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself


You’re live you’re way. 

Don’t follow the path. 
What’s the point? Someone has been down that path before so why live in their foot steps. You will never be them so why try to be? 

Make your own path. It can be next to someone’s path as a guideline but you will face diferent challenges and opportunities on your path. 
Lately, I haven’t been blogging much… As you can tell. The reason for this is because I have been thinking about the purpose of life. I have decided that all of the advice in the world can’t change what you want for your life. So what’s the point in listening to it, some advice you get could be really bad and some could be really good. But because you have never been down their path then how will you know what one is what. 
Make your own way, do it yourself. The benefits will be so much better when you know you have achieved it all yourself on your own path. Go off the path, make your own way. Who cares what other people think… WHO CARES! You are not on this world to make someone else happy with your decisions. Just live your life how you want to live it. Don’t let people hold you back. You grow at your pace. Think of a wave…. It grows the way and size it wants to. Not the way other waves around the world want it to. Waves don’t screw up, have you ever seen one look like it shouldn’t be a wave? No. Because it does what it’s meant to do. It is a wave. You do what you’re ment to do. Live. 
I’m really sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m happy to answer any questions you like. Please comment 😊
Be Adventurious, Be Couragous and Be Yourself. 


Work can sometimes be stressful. Just remember to put yourself first and not stress! You are number one. 

Go out for lunch, take a walk. Take time to apreciate the beauty of the world and don’t get stuck in the complexity of life. Take it easy and be you. 

Live how you want. Not how others want. 

Be Adventurous, Be Couragous and Be Yourself. 

Be yourself.

Live your own life, not the one your parents want you to live, not the life all your friends think you should live or the life you think you should live to impress others.

Be yourself, I can’t stress that enough! There are always things that you might not like about yourself, but over time you will realise that the things that you might not like are the things that make you stronger.

Be yourself, because how many people out there are you? No one knows what pain you’re going through . They don’t know that you have your own battles much bigger than their judgmental character.

Nobody can really judge you anyway because nobody has any experience living the life that you’re living, so what exactly are they judging? The way you’re living your life? Just because you live your life different, it doesn’t mean its wrong.

As I said, none knows what you’re going through so be yourself, put your chin up and carry on being yourself.

be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself



Watching footloose with the family… This movie really makes me think, I love it because it’s so deep yet so real. 

“This is our time” – Footloose quote 

Just think about that quote for a minute, what do you want to do right now because this is our time. Do what you want to and do it now.

If you haven’t seen it you should really watch it!

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself.