You’re live you’re way. 

Don’t follow the path. 
What’s the point? Someone has been down that path before so why live in their foot steps. You will never be them so why try to be? 

Make your own path. It can be next to someone’s path as a guideline but you will face diferent challenges and opportunities on your path. 
Lately, I haven’t been blogging much… As you can tell. The reason for this is because I have been thinking about the purpose of life. I have decided that all of the advice in the world can’t change what you want for your life. So what’s the point in listening to it, some advice you get could be really bad and some could be really good. But because you have never been down their path then how will you know what one is what. 
Make your own way, do it yourself. The benefits will be so much better when you know you have achieved it all yourself on your own path. Go off the path, make your own way. Who cares what other people think… WHO CARES! You are not on this world to make someone else happy with your decisions. Just live your life how you want to live it. Don’t let people hold you back. You grow at your pace. Think of a wave…. It grows the way and size it wants to. Not the way other waves around the world want it to. Waves don’t screw up, have you ever seen one look like it shouldn’t be a wave? No. Because it does what it’s meant to do. It is a wave. You do what you’re ment to do. Live. 
I’m really sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m happy to answer any questions you like. Please comment 😊
Be Adventurious, Be Couragous and Be Yourself. 


Work can sometimes be stressful. Just remember to put yourself first and not stress! You are number one. 

Go out for lunch, take a walk. Take time to apreciate the beauty of the world and don’t get stuck in the complexity of life. Take it easy and be you. 

Live how you want. Not how others want. 

Be Adventurous, Be Couragous and Be Yourself. 

Be yourself.

Live your own life, not the one your parents want you to live, not the life all your friends think you should live or the life you think you should live to impress others.

Be yourself, I can’t stress that enough! There are always things that you might not like about yourself, but over time you will realise that the things that you might not like are the things that make you stronger.

Be yourself, because how many people out there are you? No one knows what pain you’re going through . They don’t know that you have your own battles much bigger than their judgmental character.

Nobody can really judge you anyway because nobody has any experience living the life that you’re living, so what exactly are they judging? The way you’re living your life? Just because you live your life different, it doesn’t mean its wrong.

As I said, none knows what you’re going through so be yourself, put your chin up and carry on being yourself.

be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself



Watching footloose with the family… This movie really makes me think, I love it because it’s so deep yet so real. 

“This is our time” – Footloose quote 

Just think about that quote for a minute, what do you want to do right now because this is our time. Do what you want to and do it now.

If you haven’t seen it you should really watch it!

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself. 


Work work work

I’m just starting out my career with only 6 months of study left, I have got a temporary job in my chosen career path and I am so great full and lucky to have the opportunity to actually do what I have been studying. My degree has been a long time coming and I still don’t have it yet but I can feel it on the edge of my fingertips and I need to just reach out and grab it! 

I’m so excited to have my degree in 6 months and start the next chapter of my life. 



Want to know my secret to build courage? I haven’t told anyone this so obviously my first port of call is to publish it on the internet!

In my life, I have found that I always come across situations where I’m so scared of the outcome, or even saying what I need to say. It has happened lately in my life quite a lot, where I need to get something off my chest but I can’t put the words together for some reason, or I have to do something, meet someone and I’m standing 100 meters away and i’m so scared of meeting them because there is so much pressure of this meeting.

I literally say to myself (in my head) ‘Blair, 20 seconds of courage right now can change my entire world’

It doesn’t even matter if it’s a good change or a bad change, because I know that I can justify any change in my life. I know I don’t want to be standing still, I would rather have a bad change to try and get over and move on, or a change thats good that makes life easier. Either way, I would be moving forward by either growing in myself, or getting on with life. So I guess that technically, its good no matter the outcome.

As I have said, lately I have had so many moments where I have needed to be courageous, and to keep me from running away from a tricky situation, I remember that I have to give it at least 20 seconds.

The reason its 20 seconds is because 20 seconds is often all it takes to get into the tricky situation, once your in the tricky situation you can’t just run away!

Don’t forget, if you are stuck in a situation then just give yourself 20 seconds!

Be Adventurous, BE COURAGEOUS and Be YourselfS3oNN


Friends are my family

Friends are the family we get to choose.

There isn’t much more I can say about it thats isn’t said in that simple yet accurate sentence already. I hope that you pick your fiends wisely, they are your family just as much as your family is your family.

I have some amazing friends in my life, and they know that I would do anything for them and I know that they would do anything for me. They know absolutely everything about my life and I love that. My family doesn’t even know everything about my life, so its great to have the amazing finds that I do to be able to talk things over and find comfort in them.

Just because they know everything about my life doesn’t mean that they are your friends either, its when you are able to be yourself and they still respect you and treat you the same. You know you have found the right friends when you can be yourself around them and not have to feel embarrassed or guilty or shameful for being yourself.

My friends are amazing and have helped me through thick and thin.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself

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Discrimination is not cool.


I was doing some reading on WordPress last night, I find that there is a lot of discrimination out there towards different races, genders, and sexuality preferences. This needs to stop, I’m not saying its you but maybe you have seen or heard it happen to someone. Please stand up for these people because they have no choice in what they are being discriminated for; is not their decision. They didn’t decide to be that way and even if they did, is it anyone else concern?

Im sorry if it sounds like I’m ranting, but it really upsets me that some people think that everyone else needs to be exactly like them. I know people like this and they think any life choice or even natural aspects of other peoples life are not normal because its not what they would choose to do. Everyone needs to live their own life and not be concerned about other peoples lives.

Stop discrimination, we don’t like it when it happens to us and its always nice to have someone back you up when it happens to you, so stand up for people. You never know, that person might just stand up for you when you need them to.

Live life with many acts of kindness.

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself.


People skills

I was talking to a work colleague today about the importance of people skills. This might sound boring, but it is so important to be considerate of other peoples needs. I think I have told you all before that everyone handles situations differently, but you also have to remember that you might have to change your communication techniques dependant on the person you’re talking to.

My father is a ‘guns blazing’ kind of man, however I’m more calm. This makes it difficult when I want to talk to him about something serious because I have to do it in a way that he understands.

Throughout my study I have learnt many new skills on how to deal with others, I feel that I can now communicate with most people in any situation. I have adapted this skill from practice. Putting yourself in the most awkward situation is the best way to give it a go.  I am so thankful that I have developed my people skills over the last few years, I know so many more people because of it and it will help me get a job in the future.

learn how to develop your people skills, believe me. It helps with everything you do in life because literally everything involves other people.

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself