Love yourself!

Sometimes I think that we all forget to love our self. How is it possible for others to love us if we don’t even love us. Some of us are going through some tough battles and it is scary, believe me….. I know. But if you want to actually get somewhere in life and have people that love you, then you also need to love yourself.  Loving yourself doesn’t mean you look in the mirror and say “shit my hair looks good today!” It means that you are happy with your life. You would want people to treat you like you treat them, you wouldn’t change yourself because you LOVE yourself.

It’s not like flicking a switch, it’s something we need to work at. Being nice and kind and generous are a good start but it also means you need to step outside your comfort zone to find out who you really are. Be adventurous. Take a risk, you might find an attribute about yourself that you love.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that your up yourself either. It just means you like the person who you are. You enjoy life when you love yourself.

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Be adventurous, be courageous and be yourself.


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