An inspirational journey

Ever think about the future? Even think about what you’re doing tomorrow or future goals that you might have? I do.

I think about how there is a journey in font of me and I’m scared of where that is going. I guess walking into the future is kind of like walking into a dark room, you have no idea what is coming or what to expect when entering a dark room…. Some people are excited! Some people are scared, I’m scared.

We all have a journey in front of us, it night be long, it might be tough and it might be scary but WHO CARES! We need to not worry about the future because it is something that we can’t change, the reason we can’t change it is because we have no idea what we are changing.

I was thinking about my future today, and i thought about how depressing it will be if it is the same as right now but then i thought, no! to step into the dark room, you first need to step. Once you have made a step, you’re in the room and you can see whats in the room. Once you see whats in the room, then you can then worry if you need to.

I guess my point is that there is no point worrying about something you have no idea about, don’t be scared! That room could be made of chocolate and have millions of dollars in it!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu


Be adventurous, be courageous and be yourself

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