Me, me and more me.

Driving from Tauranga to Hamilton is not far, only an hour drive at the most but being a passenger at night time on the open road is amazing because it gives you real time to think and not have to concentrate. As I looked out the window to the night sky I thought about how amazing life is.

Having time to think is good as it helps you go over the last day or so; what I though about was how I am really struggling with life. I have it good in terms of study, I’m good at that, I get top grades and I’m almost qualified and I’m not even 20! But thats not what life is. People look at me and go, ‘yes, he is smart’ or ‘he is a hard worker’ but thats who I want them to see. The real me is someone who is fighting and really struggling to fit in and find my place.

I hope I find my place soon… maybe I will. But I think that I’m forgetting that I’m not working towards this magical ending in the story, I am the story. It’s not always about the destination, Its about the journey. Just like how it’s not about being in Hamilton, its about the journey there.

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  1. Loretta · January 4, 2016

    Life is a journey so to speak, you will find what you’re looking for in the end. As adults we don’t always claim to have all the answers, but like you some are still searching. Keep it up, you’ll be there in no time.

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    • bloggingblairslife · January 4, 2016

      Thanks for the great advice, it’s exciting figuring it all out but scary at the same time


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