When was the last time you were truly happy? I don’t mean you laughed at a joke, or happy with the weather… I mean HAPPY, wouldn’t change anything about your life kind of happy. An hour ago? Last week? Cant remember?

GO BE HAPPY!!! I wish I could tell you to be happy and it would just work, but it doesn’t I’m sorry.

But seriously, whats stopping you from being happy? Something is holding us all back, its holding you back from being happy and you need to take that issue and live life to its fullest, live life now while you have the chance. You don’t know whats around the corner.

Go do something adventurous, don’t be scared of it. Go be courageous and definitely be yourself, we can’t be truly happy if something or someone is sopping us from being ourselves.

Im sorry if not everyone gained something from this post, its just what was on my mind all day today and I had to share with you.

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  1. Brian Dean Powers · January 22, 2016

    There must be something really intoxicating in the New Zealand air.

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  2. Ryan Stone · January 22, 2016

    Last time I drank a beer everything seemed close to perfect 😉

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  3. atruebornwriter · January 25, 2016

    You are absolutely right. I have thinking about this as well. There is so much I need to improve on in my own life to be 100% happy. The main thing that keeps me happy is my boyfriend and writing/reading. My main issue is that I need to work on my health and confidence. Move out of my house aswell. Time for a change 😛

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    • bloggingblairslife · January 25, 2016

      Chang is good! Keeps us moving, moving is better than sitting still.

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      • atruebornwriter · January 25, 2016

        I agree with you 100%. The old me used to hate the idea of change. Now that I’m a bit older, it’s all I’ve been trying to do.

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      • bloggingblairslife · January 25, 2016

        Yeah, you will get there! It’s not an easy process but one you will remember!

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