My thoughts about being alone

In my opinion, being alone is a good thing to an extent…

Yeah, I just said that! I know that lots of people have a great fear of being alone for some reason, myself included… I hate having an hour by myself let alone a day, or week or a life time! Im not saying that it’s a good thing to spend your life alone because that would be horrible, but simply shutting yourself off from the world for a day, or even a few hours is a good thing. If you were to have half a day by yourself every week, imagine how much more you would appreciate the people around you when you see them again, it helps make you a better person.

Having time by myself really makes me think about life, it makes me incredibly anxious for the future but then at the same time it is actually so great to be able to have time alone. No body understands your life like you understand it, so why would you not need some time alone to help yourself figure it out. We all have decisions to make every day, some a really big and others are very small; but maybe you should listen to your gut and to your heart… Often only you know what is right.

Think of yourself and have some time alone for a while.

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself

Let me know what you think… love the feedback!





  1. Brian Dean Powers · February 7, 2016

    I’ve met several people who will do just about anything to avoid being alone. They go from one activity to another and never seem to relax. Having time on your own is essential.

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