Stay… or go?

I have been thinking…

I have been in my new job for almost a year and what have I achieved? A lot professionally, I have had a lot of personal growth and I have had a bit of fun. But, is this me? I have a strong urge to travel, buy a one way ticket out and see where the world takes me. I feel like there is so much potential for growth out there that is different to what I am currently getting and it could be better?

This is where i need you… What do you think? Should I keep at the grind and keep working, growing, maybe buy a house and settle down… OR should I go have fun, live life – and take you with me?

I guess, every blog i write answers my own questions, but comment and let me know what you think.

Please comment and share!

Be Adventurous, Be Courageous and Be Yourself.




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